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Keaton's Story

On June 13th, 2005, our lives changed forever.  Keaton, who was just 16 months old, was diagnosed with a deadly brain tumor called a medulloblastoma.  Even worse, the tumor spread outside of his brain, all the way down his spine.

We opted for what was an advanced treatment at the time -- high dose chemotherapy followed by lower doses of radiation, all so that we could reduce the amount of damaging radiation.  The protocol was hard on his developing body, but ultimately saved his life.  

But this would not be the only time Keaton would receive a cancer diagnosis. Eleven years after his initial diagnosis, Keaton was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, which was caused by his original treatment. That's why we need better, less toxic treatments that save all kids and save them without the damaging side effects.  And new therapies require research, which is why we help raise money for the Run of Hope Seattle every year.

If you have donated to Team Keaton in the past, your donation has helped fund Tumor Paint, a revolutionary agent made from the venom of a deathstalker scorpion, that helps neurosurgeons see cancerous cells during surgery or important clinical trials being conducted here that are available to children everywhere.

If you donate this year, your donation will fund similar initiatives from the Olson Lab and the exciting immontherapy work being done at Seattle Children's Hopsital Research Institute.

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

Top Donors

$5,790 Raised By 44 Donors

$700 from Anonymous
$500 on behalf of Jeff Perrigo
$500 on behalf of Jim Starr
$500 on behalf of Lori Owen
$400 on behalf of Kerry Ringer
$300 from Anonymous
$300 on behalf of William Owen
$200 from Anonymous
$100 on behalf of aubree hoover
$100 on behalf of Bailey Cabilin
$100 on behalf of Bethany Everett
$100 on behalf of Bobbie and Powell Phillips
$100 on behalf of Carolyn Plumb
$100 on behalf of Danae Hollinger
$100 on behalf of Jaquish family
$100 on behalf of Joshua Peterson
$100 on behalf of Joylynn Berschauer
$100 on behalf of Karen Hagemeier-LeSure
$100 on behalf of Lisa Wrenn
$100 on behalf of Missy and Peter Maxson
$100 on behalf of Stacie Wrenn
$100 on behalf of Stellan and Family
$75 on behalf of Laura Zukin Barron
$50 on behalf of Abby Whitson
$50 on behalf of Amber Leigh
$50 on behalf of Bill Kauffman
$50 on behalf of cecilia matson
$50 on behalf of Chris Callahan
$50 on behalf of Darren Gallagher
$50 on behalf of Grandma T.
$50 on behalf of Megan McConnell
$50 on behalf of Melissa Williamson
$50 on behalf of Nancy Biery
$50 on behalf of Patricia Skinner
$50 on behalf of Rowyn van Miltenburg
$50 on behalf of Sandra Thompson
$50 on behalf of Sonya Tittle
$50 on behalf of Tamara Owen
$50 on behalf of Tina Pappas
$25 on behalf of Debbie Bellia
$25 on behalf of Misty Dahl
$25 on behalf of The Briones Bunch
$20 on behalf of Cates Mallaney
$20 on behalf of Sonali Bhadra
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