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sarah m. hughes

Sarah Hughes was 7 years old and just completing first grade when she was diagnosed with a pnet brain tumor.  Her young world was turned upside down as she immediately went in for surgery, then to Houston, Texas to receive proton radiation, followed by six months of intense chemotherapy at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  Through it all she maintained her silly, sparkly personality.  She attended school, played soccer with the Dragonflies, skied with abandon and, was dedicated to her family and friends.   

Sarah handled her treatment well and never complained about her countless hours spent at the hospital.  The entire staff at Seattle Children’s Hospital was incredible and Sarah received the best care available.  After several months of “remission” Sarah’s tumor returned in August 2009.  Sarah faced the terrible news with an incredible amount of strength and courage, ready to fight and continue to live her life.

I will never forget Sarah’s smile and energy at the first Run of Hope.  She ran a bit, was carried a lot and crossed the finish line with a huge grin on her face.  She stayed til the end, playing with the band, eating leftover donuts, and working the crowd.

After months of new and different chemotherapies, gamma knife radiation, and an enormous amount of hope and prayers, Sarah lost her battle against cancer and passed away in May of 2010. 

Seattle Children’s Hospital is at the forefront of pediatric cancer treatment and research. The Run of Hope raises much needed funds to find better treatments and ultimately a cure.  It also provides an opportunity for us to gather and to remember those we have lost and to help support those children currently undergoing treatment.

Sarah’s sparkle continues to shine.

We are lucky to linger in your light!



The Sarah M. Hughes Award is presented each year to the team with the highest fundraising dollars. This award was inspired by Sarah Mary Hughes, who inspired us all at the first Run of Hope Seattle with her overwhelming spirit and community support.

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