Less than 3% of all medical research dollars in the United States goes toward helping children

This year more than 3,500 kids will be diagnosed with a brain tumor

Brain Tumors are the leading cause of death in children with cancer

The Run of Hope Seattle is the joint effort of the Four Seasons Hotel Seattle and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Research Fund (PBTRF), a member of Seattle Children’s Guild Association since 2006.  The mission of the PBTRF, is to raise money and awareness to advance pediatric brain tumor research.  The Four Seasons Hotel Seattle has a long history of giving. Their corporate goal to raise awareness and funds for cancer research in the communities they serve, and the mission of the PBTRF has made the perfect partnership. Many members of the guild have experienced the pain and loss of this horrible disease first hand and have dedicated themselves to the discovery of better treatment options and outcomes than their children received. Please help us improve the odds for so many children!


funds raised go directly to
pediatric brain tumor research

Words from the Steering Committee